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Cloth Diapers FAQs

Are cloth diapers better than disposable diapers?

As a general rule, cloth diapers are considered more environmentally friendly, although there is some debate about this. However, because they need to be washed regularly, many people prefer the convenience of disposable diapers instead.

What’s the difference between a baby shop and a toy store?

Toy stores, as the name implies, tend to focus on selling toys and games rather than baby gear, even though many might carry a few items such as cribs and car seats. A baby shop, by comparison, is primarily focused on selling essential items such as changing tables, clothes, and the like.

How much can I expect to pay for diaper bags?

That really depends on the specifics of the bag. Diaper bags today come in dozens and dozens of styles and designs, and are made by many different manufacturers. All of these factors contribute to the final costs.